About Us

HOLA, no longer just means hi. Hey there my name is Bronson, I started this brand back in 2013. With the vision to make nothing into something. My mother was strong influence in this brand. When I was smaller I use to hang out with my mom while she use to sew on her sewing machines. I was always amazed to see her create things from scratch. Now I feel its my turn to create things from scratch and give back to the city I love and admire so much. HOLA is short for Heart Of Los Angeles. I fell in love with this name for many reason, but the main reason was to dedicate this brand to the diversity and the culture of the city. In this city where we are all different but we will have some sort of common ground, and  that can be the art, the music, the fashion, the quick pace lifestyle and etc. With that being said join the culture and the movement. Also I want to thank those who have been with me since the begging and through the thick and thin. Without y'all I wouldn't be here and getting that push and motivation.  So let the good times roll and keep those positive vibes flowing.